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Driveway mainteance services Rochester, NY

Whether you are looking for a new asphalt driveway or to patch up some potholes, Manel Paving & Sealing, Corp in Rochester, NY can help. Our company uses quality materials, our installation team has plenty of experience and we stand behind all of our work.

Call us to talk about your project. We'll sit down with you and draw up a plan that will help make your vision a reality. Want advice on an asphalt parking lot? We can do that too. Call us in Rochester, NY today for driveway maintenance and more. We also provide snow removal during the winter moths!

Binder Paving

Binder asphalt offers a coarser grade of blacktop that contains a higher percentage of bigger stones. When larger stones are added to the asphalt mix, they increase stability and raise the load factor so the driveway can endure more breaking or cracking.

We generally use a #1 fine dense binder on our residential applications; although it looks just slightly coarser on the top, it provides a much stronger mix. Oftentimes contractors use a fine binder that is a few dollars cheaper but breaks down in the long run.

Top Paving

Top asphalt contains a finer stone that doesn't have quite the strength of a binder. The best application for top asphalt is as a re-surface or on a driveway where the base has been the same for a number of years.

Top asphalt is by nature more cosmetic in appearance, but being less porous than binder it prevetns water from going through and undermining the base. Top paving is a driveway maintenance service that can add years of life on to your black top. Contact us in Rochester to learn more.


Because of excessive heat, ultraviolet rays and substances such as oil, grease, gasoline and salt, asphalt driveways can start to break down. Furthermore, potholes can appear in addition to grass working its way under the asphalt.

We encourage you to seal every two to three years (not coating too often because it can result in a slick surface). Give us a call in Rochester and we'll give you the low down in driveway maintenance.


We offer several different patching options.

Mill & Patch

If driveway or parking lot is in good condition and has a few bad areas we suggest milling. This would be to mill out distressed areas approx 2", remove milling and replace with asphalt to allow for a flush joint. Then hot tar is applied to prevent water infiltration.

Overlay Patching

If the condition of the project is questionable, we can overlay patch. This is cheaper and although permanent, it is not as long lasting or cosmetic as milling.

Do's & Don'ts of a New Driveway

Seal the driveway after 90 days of the installation.
Fill sides with soil to protect exposed edges.
Maintain a weed killing program once a year to edges to prevent heartier weeds.
Wathch what you park on new driveway. Pointed ojbects like chair legs, ladders and kickstands can cause indentations.
Be cautious of oil and gas leaks. Oil and gas will disolve tar that holds asphalt together
Change parking spot. Park in different areas to prevent possible ruts from forming.
Stay off your driveway for at least 6 to 7 days.
Turn your wheels carefully when car is in motion. Careful not to turn wheels when car is not moving.
Don't over seal. It should be done every two to three years.